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At Ashford Place we feel passionate about our food as our aim is to provide healthy, home cooked meals that represent the diverse community in which we live. 

We listen to our customers, take their ideas on board and continue improving whenever possible. We use carefully chosen ingredients to ensure the best flavour.


We have several different menu options to choose from including European, Caribbean and Kosher. See a sample menu below...

Once you are a regular customer with us, we drop off a menu with the food.  You can then fill in the form and return it with your next food order.

Alternatively you can telephone us with your order or to request the latest menu. 

tel: 020 8208 8590       mobile: 07757 625 799 


Once you have received your invoice you can pay using the following methods:

BACS Transfer

Our account details can be found on the invoice. You can transfer money electronically from your bank account using those details. Please use the invoice number as a reference for the transaction. 


Please make your cheque payable to Ashford Place. The cheque can then be sent directly to Finance, Ashford Place, 60 Ashford Road, London, NW2 6TU. Please make sure you write the invoice number and the name of the recipient of the meals on the back of the cheque.

Credit or Debit Card 

Please click on the link below to pay your invoice by credit or debit card. Payments are processed by Technology Trust on behalf of Ashford Place. 


For more information on the Ashford Place Food Service...

Ewa Nowak (New Customer Enquiries)

tel: 020 8208 8590 (ext 215)     email: ewa.nowak@ashfordplace.org.uk 

Anne Tang  (Existing Customer Enquiries) 

tel: 020 8208 8590   email: anne.tang@ashfordplace.org.uk 

  • Meals On Wheels Mobile (mon-fri 9am-5pm, weekends 10am-3pm)

tel: 07757 625 799

image‘Ashford Place Meals’ is part of Ashford Place charity provision (Charity No. 1097475). Any surplus will be re-invested back into providing services for our customers.

Homemade, simple and delicious meals and desserts delivered directly to your door