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7 per cent of Brent's residents suffer from diabetes


7 per cent of Brent's residents suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that 17 per cent of all deaths in Brent can be attributed to this medical condition. These are stats that none of us want to see. About 90 per cent of diabetes sufferers in the UK have Type 2 diabetes, which is largely preventable through healthy living, which includes adding physical activity and a balanced diet into your lifestyle. With this in mind we started a series of diabetes information workshops this week and were pleased to welcome Kathleen and Miles, Health Educators from HEPS Health Educators Partnership Service – its main aim is to reduce health inequalities within the borough - (part of BHM Brent Health Matters)  who spoke with individual clients, handed out information leaflets and promise to come back soon to offer advice on healthy living. And they are coming back again soon.