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Art in the Park

Taking advantage of the wonderful sunny weather this week and as lockdown rules are gradually relaxing we decided to take some of the wellbeing activities out in the open air  and connect with nature and ourselves. As part of promoting health & wellbeing and movement-  even during lockdown - we invited some of our clients to join us on a 2 day outdoor activities programme.

From the  digital world of zoom we went to Gladstone Park for an “Art in the Park” session with our art and photography lovers who spent some time with nature and created some lovely work.

We also returned with our usual Wednesday Walk to encourage physical health and wellbeing. In case you think we haven’t heard of lock down we did make sure we followed current guidelines so we organised 2 separate walking groups with 5 people each and observing the then 2 metre rule. Thanks to Blerina and her crew for some lovey art work.  Of course they were only following in the footsteps of artists like Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and John Constable  who in the  18th and early 19th centuries were proponents of open-air painting that was a core practice for emerging artists in Europe at the time.