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Assessment Centre Night Worker

Role: Assessment Centre Night Worker

Starting salary: 20,600.00

Hours: 35

Department: Housing and Welfare

At Ashford Place, we run a project, which is unique in London, a direct access assessment centre that is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Its goal is to provide emergency accommodation for up to 30 rough sleepers a night, providing them with the support needed to move into long-term accommodation and address their underlying needs.

We are moving into our 5th year, and in that time have provided emergency accommodation for over 400 homeless people. They have come from every corner of the planet, with so many different stories and journeys, but the same ambition: To live a better and more prosperous life.

We are looking for a committed, empathetic, imaginative and computer literate individual who has the determination to change the lives of others for the better, who will not accept things as they are with people sleeping on the streets of our city.

This role will allow you be forever be part of the solution.

This work requires you to be on duty during the hours of 4PM-11PM. The shifts will be 5 days a week. We would prefer Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The evening period is when the majority of our clients are in the building, and it will be your responsibility to, with other staff members who are on duty at the same time, ensure that the centre is calm and orderly during this time. We are looking for someone who is mentally robust and will be always able to show empathy during this period. 

This role includes:

  • Providing emotional support to vulnerable clients and building empathy with them.
  • Ensuring that only those who are booked into the centre stay there at night. 
  • Working with a small caseload of clients, identifying their support needs and assisting them with each support need.
  • Finding accommodation for these clients and using ingenuity in sourcing new accommodation routes.
  • Ensuring that clients abide by the rules of the building throughout the night.
  • Carry out regular checks of the building throughout the night.
  • Keeping track of maintenance work and reporting back to the line manager.
  • Resolving and recording any incidents that take place throughout the evening.

Additional responsibilities of the support worker include:

  • Completing a complete checklist every evening provided to you by your line manager.
  • Undertake ongoing professional development, attending training that is deemed necessary following supervision and appraisal.
  • Supervision of volunteers.
  • Actively promote and uphold Ashford Place’s Code of Conduct, Values, priorities and customer service standards.
  • Implement Ashford Place’s Equal Opportunities policies and to work actively to overcome discrimination on grounds of race, sex, disability, sexuality or status within Ashford Place’s service. To take responsibility appropriate to the post for tackling racism and promoting good race, ethnic and community relations.
  • Ensure all appropriate aspects of health and safety are applied in respect of the staff group i.e. lone working policy, outreach risk assessments etc. 
  • The post holder will be required to undertake any other duties to meet the demands of the service as required within the grade and competence of the post.

For an experience of diversity, there is no better place in the UK, as we have people from the all over the world including Eastern Europeans, Africans, South East Asians, and recent refugees from the conflicts in Syria, Eritrea, and Sudan. The people you meet, the stories they will tell, the peace you will get from the environment and the good you will feel in yourself for doing this, none of it can be overstated enough.

Experience essential for the role

  • Experience of working with vulnerable people and the manner in which to work with them.
  • Experience or a good understanding of housing benefit and other benefits. 
  • Experience or a good understanding of working with landlords/agents. 
  • Above average computer literacy.
  • High degree of English language skills including writing and speaking.
  • High degree of negotiation and persuasion skills.

Preferred but not essential experience 

  • Experience of fundraising.
  • Volunteer management experience.
  • An understanding of young people's lives in the inner city and marginalised communities. 

Closing Date: 8th August 23:59

Interested Applicants are advised to apply early as interviews may take place before closing date.

To apply, please complete the attached application form explaining how you meet the person specification.

An immediate start is preferred.

The post holder is required to hold a valid Enhanced Disclosure from the DBS.