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Back in shape


As many of our clients have found themselves increasingly isolated during the previous year, here at Ashford Place we have instituted a weekly, socially distanced chair exercise group as to provide the first steps to much needed physical recovery for those whose active lifestyle opportunities have been greatly depleted by the pandemic. Donna, our exercise specialist, has designed and implemented a program of arm and leg exercises that allows clients whose strength may have diminished regain the vitality that remains one of our key concerns amongst the aging and vulnerable population of Cricklewood. We have 4 groups sessions per week with max 10 in each group, which along with aiding physical confidence represents the reconstruction of the community at Ashford Place, relieving the pressures of a critical time punctuated by the erosion of the social tapestry of the local area, and the country as a whole. We hope to further expand this program through increased frequency and the introduction of a Hendon FC supported physical and mental recovery group.