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Caring for the Carers


Last week we heard of the sad news that one of our Carers had passed away. This reminded us, though we don’t need reminding, of the huge contribution Carers give to society, of their unfailing commitment, hard work,  24/7. We admire their  stoicism, dignity, selflessness in the face of constant pressure with little recognition or complaint about the impact on their own wellbeing. In the case above Maria had recently managed to find a residential home for her husband who is living with dementia but continued, Covid-19 allowing to visit him every day to make sure he was ok, and of course she was also trying to deal with, as she called it the ‘betrayal’ of her moving her husband to a Home. She saw this as some kind of failure on her part. She told me recently when she was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition that it was her time now to be unwell as she was comfortable with the idea that her husband was getting the care she was unable to provide him. If Maria’s experience is to mean anything we all need to raise awareness of the massive job  Carers do every day and night, plus ensure they are also cared for. We do our bit here at Ashford Place where Carers can have a break, some fun and laughter to buoy them up for the work ahead. But maybe we call all do a bit more by calling on our politicians and commissioners to provide support services for Carers.