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Homelessness and Resettlement Manager

Post:  Homelessness and Resettlement Manager

Hours of work: Monday - Friday 9 - 5pm

Annual Leave: 28 days annual leave plus 8 days public holidays 

Probationary period: 3 Months

Salary: £30,900 per year

Contract: Full-time

Closing date: 30th March 2020

Interviews week commencing: TBC

Job description

"I looked at the stars, and considered how awful it would be for a man to turn his face up to them as he froze to death, and see no help or pity in all the glittering multitude.” -Charles Dickens

Dickens wrote this almost two centuries ago. Yet today, people are still sleeping and dying on the streets of our city. We are looking for someone who will be driven every day to provide that help, that empathy, that belief that things do not have to be as they are, and will proudly lead a team that will make that change. 

If that is you, we want you to join us. 

Main Purpose of Job

The management of the Homelessness and Resettlement Services, ensuring that they remain financially viable and appropriately resourced at all times, in order to deliver a high quality, customized service to clients with the ultimate objective of placing clients in suitable long term accommodation.

The main projects to be managed are:

  • The Assessment Centre: This provides emergency respite for up to 28 homeless people every day, and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Boost Up Young Homeless: An innovative and exciting new project funded by the GLA/Homeless Link/Housing Justice. This project provides accommodation for the 18-24 population who are most in need.
  • Resettlement Services: Providing expert support and advice for those who require long term accommodation

Key Accountabilities

  1. Manage the operation of the Assessment Centre, Boost Up Young Homeless and Resettlement Services, ensuring that they are appropriately resourced at all times and that clients are provided with appropriate activities and support to help address a wide variety of (often complex) physical, emotional and psychological needs.
  2. Provide leadership and direction in establishing a positive, supportive, safe and empathetic culture within the service and ensure that all staff and volunteers actively champion and reflect this culture in all client dealings; ensure that all activities and environment are reflective of, and support, the desired culture and values
  3. Manage the selection of new clients and flow of existing clients through the service, ensuring compatibility with organizational culture and values and with other clients in order to ensure that a mutually supportive, safe and positive environment is maintained at all times; ensure that existing and potential clients’ expectations are fairly and honestly managed and that people on the waiting list who cannot be accommodated in the Assessment Centre are referred to appropriate external agencies for support.
  4. Manage all staff and volunteers in the service (recruitment, training, management of performance), ensuring that they are equipped with the attitudes, skills and expertise necessary for working with vulnerable clients with complex needs; provide coaching and support to staff and volunteers in order to maintain positive morale within the team at all times
  5. Build and maintain good communications and relationships with external bodies (eg Brent Council/GLA) and ensure that effective referral routes are established and maintained in order to ensure that homeless people with whom Ashford Place comes in contact receive the best and most appropriate treatment and support
  6. Build and maintain effective relationships with landlords, assess suitability of potential properties and manage the transition of clients from the Assessment Centre/Boost Up to suitable long term accommodation; provide ongoing support for clients who have been placed in accommodation in order to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge required to sustain accommodation continuity
  7. Manage the budget of the Assessment Centre/Boost Up and ensure that it is financially viable and sustainable; carry out fundraising activities and bid preparation to raise required level of income and ensure that all income due is received in a timely manner, managing appeals and dispute resolution where necessary.
  8. Continually seek opportunities to improve the quality and effectiveness of the services delivered to clients and to enhance their experience; monitor the external environment and ensure that new services are developed in line with changing demographics and client needs.

Essential Background and Experience

  • At least 3 years experience of working closely with vulnerable people with mental health issues
  • In depth and up to date knowledge of housing, benefits and welfare entitlements and housing law
  • Good understanding of housing and private rental market
  • Highly developed leadership, interpersonal and motivational skills with high levels of empathy and compassion
  • Demonstrable track record of leading staff and volunteers in a high pressure environment
  • Financial management and budgeting experience
  • Demonstrable ability to innovate and develop a culture of continuous improvement

To apply, please send your CV, a short covering letter and application form to