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Independent Lifestyles Coordinator

Job Title: Independent Lifestyles Coordinator

Department: Housing &Welfare

Responsible to: Director of Housing and Welfare

Responsible for: 1 full time member of staff (Independent Lifestyles Caseworker) and 10 Volunteers (Peer Support Advisers and Mentors)

Salary: £28,500

Hours: 35

Closing date: November 16th 17:00


Main Purpose of Job

To coordinate and deliver the Independent Lifestyles Project through the design and delivery of a range of integrated homeless prevention and tenancy sustainment services across Brent.

Key Accountabilities

  1. In partnership with the Assessment Centre Coordinator and under direction of the Director of Housing and Welfare, contribute to the leadership and strategic planning and direction of the housing service at Ashford Place in order to ensure the provision of services, delivered in line with the organization’s values, which are aligned to current and projected client and community needs whilst ensuring the financial security and sustainability of the organisation
  2. Contribute to the development of homeless prevention and tenancy sustainment strategies and manage the delivery of homelessness prevention services throughout the borough; identify suitable partners (eg community centres, food banks etc) and develop and maintain effective relationships in order to ensure that a comprehensive homeless prevention strategy can be implemented and sustained
  3. Manage and develop staff and volunteers and ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and interpersonal capabilities necessary to carry out accurate assessments of clients, often with multiple complex needs, and that appropriate advice, guidance and signposting is provided at all times; directly provide expert coaching, mentoring, guidance and therapeutic interventions to clients with the most complex needs and challenging behaviors
  4. Maintain an up to date knowledge of current legislation, regulations, case law and best practice working methods within the areas relevant to service provision and ensure that such knowledge is reflected in operating policies and procedures and disseminated to staff and volunteers in a timely manner; ensure safeguarding policies are properly implement in the Independent Lifestyles Programme
  5. Devise and implement training for peer support volunteers and ensure that appropriate quality assurance audits and evaluation mechanisms are carried out by independent external bodies (eg AQS, Southampton University) in order to assess intervention effectiveness and impact and quality of advice provided
  6. Develop and maintain effective working relationships and coordination with statutory services and ensure smooth transition of clients; ensure that accurate assessments are carried out as to clients ability to live independently and that where necessary appropriate complementary support is provided during the transition phase
  7. Assist the Director of Housing and Welfare in managing the project budget and resourcing plans in order to ensure financial sustainability and continuity of service delivery at all times; ensure that sufficient trained volunteers (eg peer mentors) are available to deliver the service and that drop in centers, client contact points and the on line portal are adequately resourced at all times
  8. Assist the Director of Housing and Welfare to promote the work and impact of Ashford Place in the field of homelessness at both local and national level by attending conferences and meetings where appropriate
  9. Lead and manage the Independent Lifestyles Caseworker, ensuring that they are clear about their role and objectives and have the skills, expertise and motivation required to deliver a high quality service to all clients and ensure that appropriate standards of service and conduct are adhered to at all times

Essential Background and Experience

  • Previous experience (2 years +) delivering welfare and housing advice to vulnerable clients (eg homeless, refugees, ex offenders, substance abusers)
  • Experience working with local stakeholders and establishing strong community networks
  • Experience developing and delivering outreach advice services
  • Experience writing and delivering training and workshops for staff and volunteers
  • Experience managing volunteers across remote locations
  • Excellent communication, influencing and motivation skills; internally to manage and maintain staff and volunteer motivation and focus on priorities in a challenging and often pressurised environment; externally to build constructive and collaborative working partnerships with external bodies (eg Local Authority, NHS, Immigration Service, landlords, local community etc)
  • Ability to build and sustain empathy and rapport with clients
  • Up to date knowledge of housing and welfare legislation
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Ability to innovate and operate responsively in a fast changing environment


Ashford Place is a medium sized, highly innovative charity that has a strong track record of demonstrable impact across all its service lines. Project Coordinators

in this organization are required to actively champion its distinctive culture and values, who are flexible, adaptable and responsive to change and who have a strong commitment to the delivery of value for money client services which have sustainable impact. Highly developed levels of empathy, relationship building skills and resilience are required in order to operate in what is often a pressurized environment. The Independent Lifestyles Project is a fully funded project (until November 2021) designed to prevent homelessness occurring and to enhance clients tenancy sustainment. It is delivered through a number of drop in centres across the borough and programme effectiveness and impact is assessed through partnership with Southampton University.