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Getting out and about in Brent


Many people are looking forward to getting out and about now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing and are looking forward to social events. If you are not able to walk far or just find getting about difficult here are three schemes which you may be eligible for which can help you get where you would like to be. 

For those with access to a car the “Blue badge” can be helpful. In the past it was strictly for those who had physical difficulties walking. Now it can be for those with difficulties associated with Dementia or Alzheimer’s as well. 

The Blue badge allows you to park with no time limit in: In street disabled bays, on street pay and display or parking meter bays, permit holder bays and for up to three hours on yellow lines if the Blue Badge is accompanied by a correctly set and displayed time clock. It is the responsibility of the driver always to check that restrictions do not apply every time. 

Taxi card is a scheme that provides subsidised transport for people who have serious long‐term walking difficulties, or difficulty in using public transport. Taxi cards can be used to make up to 8 trips per month in licensed London taxis, or private hire vehicles and the subsidy applies directly to each trip. People who qualify for this scheme can use the service for social events and shopping. If you need to go to the hospital this should be arranged by your GP receptionist, or hospital when you visit.  The Taxi card should not be used for this. 

Applications for Taxi card and Dial a Ride are through Brent Council website you can apply online or download the forms. 

Dial-a-Ride is run by Transport for London is a door-to-door shared community transport service for people with a permanent or long-term disability or health problem who are unable, or virtually unable to use public transport. One return journey a week can be booked. Applications to join the scheme are through Transport for London Website. This is useful for local journeys which you can book in advance and can be more flexible about the time.  

If you would like more information, or support applying for any of these schemes please call Clive at Brent Carers Centre on 020 3802 7070 or 07423 290 900