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Health & Wellbeing and Social Inclusion Projects

We are keeping people engaged with all the activities they were used to availing of in our Health & Wellbeing and Social Inclusion projects.

Not only are people engaging via WhatsApp and Zoom but we have a library style service where our clients can borrow Irish movies provided courtesy of our friends at Irish Film London and a large range of other DVD’s, CD’s and books.  We are also distributing the art kits being provided to us by Accumulate and uploading the resulting art to Padlet and our social media channels.  We are amazed at the variety of art that is being produced. The high quality and diverse range of kits being provided has been a real treat for our clients living in isolation and many living with complex mental health issues or dementia.  Our meal service continues to be successful and a rewarding way of staying in touch with our more vulnerable clients.  Alongside this we are well underway in finalising plans to start providing face to face services again.

This is William receiving his DVDS and I will send his art poster too and a pic of Myles and Alejandro out and about delivering art kits,  dvds and cds
Art poster by William
Art and DVD CD delivery distributors by University students Myles and Alejandro
Josie receives a visit and some DVDs