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Helping to create world class crisis care in Brent


Brent Thrive is working alongside statutory and voluntary sector agencies to find ways of creating quality and timely Mental Health Crisis services.  As people with a lived experience of mental health difficulties, members are ideally placed to lead on what is required and what works best. Kris  from CNWL is asking 'How can we improve Crisis Care in Brent?' as part of Brent's NHS Mental Health Implementation Plan.

Kris is attending our community meeting to hear, first-hand, our experiences of crisis services and how we can improve them. The NHS Long Term Plan has committed to '100% coverage of 24/7 adult crisis resolution' by 2021 and '100% 24/7 crisis provision' by 2023 for children and young people. We want to make sure these crisis services are the best they can be for the people of Brent. 

Date: Friday 11th December at 11am >> click here to join the meeting.