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Keep Well - managing your health

Project Keep Well is a winter project of 2022 funded by the NHS NWL Clinical Commissioning Group. The aims of the Keep Well project is to increase independence and enable people living with Mental Health conditions, Learning Disabilities and Dementia to manage their health needs and access the services they need. 

The project has given people access to:  

- 1 to 1 meetings (3 x 30-minute sessions on how to manage your health independently)

- Free health checks by on-site nurses

- Diabetes events with 130+ attendees

- Wellbeing groups for Learning Disabilities

- Digital inclusion workshops - helping people use NHS apps and other sites for prescriptions, COVID passes etc. 

- Podiatrist appointments at Ashford Place and at home

- Essential First Aid Training

- Get Brent Active - exercise (e.g. Tai Chi) 

- Physical exercise groups throughout the borough

- 16 Dementia Café's and Dementia Groups throughout the borough

- Mental Health week

Lottie, Craig and Michele