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Working together for each other

May 2022

Brent Changing Mindsets Standard - BCMS - is a recognised symbol of co-design between mental health service providers and service users in Brent. The BCMS will be awarded to service providers who can evidence co-design of new mental health services: they will be able to include the BCMS symbol in their promotional material for that new service.

What is co-design?

Co-design is a way of working whereby everybody comes together on an equal basis to create a service or reach a decision which works for them all. It is a meeting of minds finding shared solutions: people who use services and carers working in equal partnership with professionals towards joint goals.

Co-design can mean that people are less likely to use acute services (prevention) and can help to sustain and promote wellbeing. It can assist you to achieve many of the main principles of the Care Act.

The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Develop and embed a customer-first culture.
  • Improve customer access and satisfaction.
  • Increase customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Enhance your brand.

How to evidence co-design standards
We want to make the accreditation process easy and straightforward for you. The principles of equality, diversity, accessibility and reciprocity are important values for putting co-design into action.

Application process

To be awarded our prestigious BCMS, your organisation needs to demonstrate some key behaviours. You should demonstrate that you have in place some or all of the following principles when co-producing. Please indicate Yes or No to indicate whether you adhere to each of the following:

To apply for the BCMS Co-design symbol please complete the following: