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Well-being healthy


Health and Wellbeing for every one of our clients is a priority for us at Ashford Place, hence we take different steps to encouraging and supporting them  to strive for a healthy lifestyle.

This week for example, we had a lovely trip to Kew Gardens. The trip was relaxing yet it involved a lot of walking, (approximately 15000 steps), it was informative, as we shared stories and tools to support one another, tips on how to travel safely and independently, but most of all there was laughter and joy shared by all.

As we are now in the Autumn season, we are encouraging everyone to have the Flue jab,  the Covid booster, and their annual health checks to maintain a healthy mind and body. 

We came away feeling inspired  by the beautiful gardens and have lots of ideas which we will incorporate into our Art for Wellbeing Groups and Creative Writing in the next coming weeks.