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Dementia Voices, Dementia Peer Support and De-Cafe

Before the lockdown, Reena, Sally and Kamlesh, who work across various Dementia projects here at Ashford Place, used to have a vibrant Dementia Friendly Tuesday here at the centre. This consisted of various types of Peer Support Groups, Meetings, Yoga and Therapy from the morning, followed by lunch and the De-cafe in the afternoon with music, entertainment and activities.

Our clients have been missing this interaction and today we made our first step towards re-establishing this format via remote technology. Over the coming weeks Sally, Reena and Kamlesh hope to facilitate more small group conversations and support people to access chair based Yoga sessions as well activity sessions hosted by Reena and volunteers. 

This will be a gradual step by step process that will start with confidence building with technology together, where our clients are helping us to build a strategy and support us to shape the right technology live in real-time going forward. 

We hope to see you all, in one way or another, as soon as we can! 

Dementia Projects staff @ Ashford Place 

Dementia Voices, Dementia Peer Support and De-Cafe