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Community Garden

Our much loved Community Garden is the only front garden outside a business premises in Cricklewood, and is as such admired. We also have a secluded back garden accessible via the Side Door Cafe entrance!  Our growing gardens have long been looked after and supported by clients, volunteers and friends in our community. We find this space important for our community's wellbeing - as a place to spend time in or tend to, ultimately improving both mental and physical health. We welcome volunteers.

Ashford Place also continue to work with the Cricklewood Town Team on the community garden outside Cricklewood Train station.

Together Towards Zero Project - Cricklewood Gardens

Funded by Brent Council as part of their Together Towards Zero Project, Ashford Place has established a greening project - "Cricklewood Gardens". This project aims to reduce our own waste, educate and engage with the local community and inspire individual action against climate change. 

A green and sustainable Brent - our project covers many aspects that are important in Brent today: improved accessible green spaces; places to exercise; climate and ecological emergency; keeping our streets clean; safety; reduced crime. 

- Composter and Water Butts 

Reducing our own on-site waste is one of our main priorities, as so much of food produced today ends up as waste. With our composter, we aim to reduce a large proportion of food waste by creating an alternative organic compost to be used in our gardens. We also aim to reduce our water usage, by using our installed water recycling systems. These water butts collect rainwater to then be used for watering our gardens in the summer.


- Green Pledges

Our green pledges are a success in getting our community involved in taking action themselves, and a great way to start the conservation on how to minimise our clients individual impact.


- Potting Sessions

Hosting potting sessions where clients learnt to pot and sow seeds using organic fertilizers and learnt the importance of composting, upcycling and recycling has also had great benefits on our clients.