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Million Steps Walking Club

Million Steps – walking club: An important part of our Ashford Place Fit + Well programme, the One Million Steps project will deliver improved mental and physical health through regular walking for those who do not exercise very often or not at all. And be part of an exclusive club!

Best medicine: The Harvard Medical School says, “Walking may be one of the most powerful “medicines” available. It can help lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even keep your memory sharp.”

Stepping in the right direction: One Million Steps is a walking club with a difference. As well as being a great way to get fit, it will support vulnerable and disadvantaged people by encouraging them to take part on a regular basis. Walking is a pleasure, something they do with friends – a way of connecting with people.  This will be a mutually beneficial activity.

Every three months, members of the One Million Steps walking club aim to walk a million steps.  As a community effort, club members are Brent residents and we want a hundred members in the first year.  It’s tricky to work with such a big number but that means 10,000 steps daily for every member over three months – so you can see how a huge ambition can be realised by working together.

Members can join organised walks in Brent parks and open spaces. Shorter walks will take place weekly from Ashford Place at noon on Wednesdays with more walks to be announced.  Of course you can also walk with a friend or on your own, maybe as part of your commute walking to the bus or tube.

Everybody counts: Every step counts and keeping count is easy. You can use our walking app, you can use a pedometer – either your own or pick one up at Ashford Place, or we can work out the number of steps using the time or distance you walk.

To log the steps, members will meet up monthly at Ashford Place for a get together over a cup of tea and a well earned slice of cake!  Some members will be on target to reach One Million Steps in three months, others will not.  This is where the ‘right direction’ part comes into play.  Those who are exceeding target will donate their excess steps to a buddy/peer whose count is short of the target.  This may be someone with limited mobility, elderly, socially isolated etc.  It is not just the walking that aids improved mental health, working together and the social side are all working in harmony.

Making your first step: How to register? The Million Steps club is open to all as long as you are over 18. To join the One Million Steps club, you need to be Brent resident, be willing to count your steps or measure distance walked and be able to let us know your step count or distance walked monthly. We will help you if you are struggling with that. To keep in touch, we will need your name, post code, an email address if you have one and a contact number.

Look out for details on our website, Facebook, Twitter etc. contact [email protected] or phone 02082088590 on how to become a member.

Please note, we recommend you wear appropriate footwear and clothing. This is a community, voluntary programme, Ashford Place or the organising committee of One Million Steps are not responsible for injury or damage caused while participating in this programme.