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Brent Changing Mindsets

Brent Changing Mindsets (formerly known as Brent Thrive)

What’s in a name? During the 10th Oct 23  World Mental Health Day event Brent Thrive members announced a new name for the group i.e. Brent Changing Mindsets

Brent Thrive members were aware that the "Thrive’" is a much used name particularly within mental health services for young people. Members agreed that in the interests of clarity and brand recognition that it would be helpful to change the name and to identify one that reflects proactivity and belief in the need for change in how mental health is perceived.

Members are delighted to welcome you to "Brent Changing Mindsets".

As the name suggests we want to change your mind and ours. We can do this together and create a truly mental health friendly Brent. We want all of us to focus on

  • Mental health awareness
  • advocacy by influential figures or groups
  • Call out poor practice
  • Call out negative stereotypes
  • Co-design mental health services
  • Advocate for resources
  • Plus any new area that might arise in the future

The aims of the group continues as it was before with the following objectives

  • To challenge the stigma around mental health.
  • To amplify the voices of minority sections of the community and provide a platform for community leaders to enact change.
  • Creating infrastructure of services and groups that are led by people with lived experience within Brent.
  • Promote more awareness and understanding of mental health across Brent. Create a welcoming and accessible community.
  • Use of practices that help diverse groups work well towards complex and challenging outcomes and understand that we all need support to grow and develop.
  • Lobby for more funding for mental health services.

An exciting new venture born out of the feedback from the people using the mental health services at Ashford Place. Now more than ever people with lived experience of mental health difficulties living in Brent are looking to community action to change things. Brent Thrive is a mental health community action grass-roots project committed to change! 

We are part of the Health and Wellbeing services at Ashford Place and members of the Brent Mental Health Partnership.

Brent Thrive's aim is to empower people within the community facing mental health challenges to form a collective power to create meaningful change and reinvigorate mental health services in the Borough of Brent.

Join us and have your say on our latest campaign “Together for a Mental Health Friendly Brent”

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