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Cricklewood Town Team

Cricklewood Town Team 

Since 2009 the Cricklewood Town Team formerly known as the Cricklewood Improvement Programme created by Ashford Place – has been working with local resident associations, community groups, police, Brent, Barnet & Camden Councils and local businesses to improve the local area environmentally, culturally, physically and commercially. Residents tell us that the place is cleaner, greener & more sociable.

Currently we are in dialogue with the Cricklewood and Brent Cross developers to ensure that Cricklewood benefits from this major development. We are equally mindful of the need for more residents to work together to ensure a community that we can all be proud of.

Highlights of the year

  • Cricklewood Festival 
  • Worked with Organisers to produce 
  • Brent Community Friendship & Fun Fair Day in Gladstone Park
  • Annual Christmas Light Switch on 
  • Supported local residents to take part in research and engagement work for Argent regarding the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development
  • Requests to our Local Authorities, street cleaning, ensure shops stop encroaching on the pavements, implement a coordinated street care strategy across the Broadway, traffic calming measures etc. etc.
  • Supporting our residents to plan and ensure a realistic and beneficial alternative to our closed Cricklewood Library


The Cricklewood Town Team achieved the above in partnership with