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Our Approach

A beacon of hope in the gloom of an increasingly unfair and divided society, Ashford Place is a charity deeply embedded in the community of North West London.

We provide practical solutions for people trapped in the interconnected web of homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse, while facilitating ground-breaking support to those struggling with mental health, dementia and age-related issues.

With a 90% success rate, our fresh approach encourages peer to peer engagement, empowering clients to take the lead in reclaiming their lives and regaining their place in society.

The Ashford Place Way involves a community-centred approach to ending social isolation and homelessness. It is based on our Guiding Principles and emphasises the key roles of the community and of individuals when it comes to creating real and long lasting change in people’s lives.

We are building Ashford Place into a cohesive, networked, organisation embedded in the community. We act as the catalyst between a wide range of community stakeholders – community members, Ashford Place employees and trustees, faith and religious groups, councillors and council staff, community services and local businesses – to harness the collective capacity and capability of community resources to the greater good. 

We want to continue to develop a local community we are all proud of and where everyone can contribute and participate together.

Click here to see The Ashford Place Way of Vision, Mission & Principles. And here for the full business strategy.