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Brent Changing Mindsets


Mental Health is a universal human right: This is the theme for World Mental Health Day 2023. This week Brent Thrive met with partners from the statutory and voluntary sectors to celebrate WMHD and agree ways on how we can, collaboratively work towards ensuring a mental health friendly borough here in Brent and ensure that mental health is not just a right but also an expectation and a reality for all Brent residents. Appreciation goes to Brent Council for offering us a lovely space to meet as well as enjoying teas and lunch. At the event Brent Thrive members told the audience that Brent Thrive will now be called Brent Changing Mindsets.  ‘Thrive’ is a word much used by other agencies across the county so it was felt that we need to be more distinctive hence the name change. Members also pointed out the ‘active’ nature of the new name and invited everyone to work towards changing mindsets to ensure health equalities for all of us.