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Prevention is better than the cure. Diabetes programme


This week we launched our Diabetes Prevention programme. Working on Wednesdays, our new Diabetes nurse will engage with our clients to take their medical history, carry out screening test such as blood sugar, hypertension, BMI body - mass index –, and work with the individual on agreeing an action plan to help them stay well. This is an important development as many of our clients struggle to effectively access health services but also services struggle to connect successfully with some of our residents in Brent. Our project will provide an effective bridge between the two thus reducing pressure on NHS services and at the same time ensuring that vulnerable people receive the services they need. 9.3% of Brent's residents suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that 17% of all deaths in Brent can be attributed to this condition. This new service will particularly focus on people who are homeless, have lived experience of mental health challenges, from BAME communities, and for those who have difficulties in accessing mainstream health services.