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Active Friendships


There is a great hive of activity around Ashford Place at the moment! While we continue to adhere to Government guidelines by wearing masks when needed and space out in our activity spaces, it is a real joy to see so many of our clients come back to us and enjoy our social group activities once again. Ashford Place is a safe and secure place for our clients to meet up with old friends and take part in our weekly indoor and outdoor social group activities.  Clients have been enjoying, amongst other things, our gentle exercise classes and walks to and from Gladstone Park on Wednesday and Friday mornings. This group activity is very important for both their mental and physical health and wellbeing and many of them have told us that since coming back they feel so much better and happier within themselves. Some of our clients have found lockdown very challenging and that is why it is more important than ever that they come back to socialise and have fun with us and their friends again.

Following the Wednesday exercise group with Donna, our older Irish clients are able to enjoy our Irish Support Group either indoors or in the garden (weather permitting) where they can buy a tea or coffee in the café and listen to some good music, play fun quizzes and enjoy each other’s company again. It is a fun session and they always look forward to coming back every week There was certainly some inter county rivalry in our garden this week when taking turns to complete the challenge of the Irish counties jigsaw. (Photo 1 below Cork woman Una amused by Fermanagh and Monaghan Eileen’s struggle with Munster!  Phot 2 – Limerick William helps Scottish Donna complete the challenge).