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In conversation with...Friday is Ray day

We were delighted to have Ray Dolan -  From Mullingar in Mullingar Facebook: @raydolanlive and YouTube  join us over Zoom today for our "In Conversation with…"series.  We hosted, in a socially distanced way, many of our older Irish clients in our meeting rooms. The hour flew with lots of interesting  and entertaining bits of chat taking place.  Many enjoyed reminiscing about their days in the dancehalls in Cricklewood and Kilburn.  Danny Lonergan even filled us in on his first meeting with Peggy there 56 years ago*  We heard stories of journeying to the UK by boat, tales of first jobs and raising families in London.  Everyone enjoyed the session so much that we now have a surge in interest in our digital skills classes so we look forward to welcoming Ray back another time with everyone using their own digital device.  Thank you Ray!

*p.s. Peggy finished the story over lunch later which completed the picture around the success of their long and happy marriage!