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Deep roots in Cricklewood


Many of us have found new ways to manage our time during the pandemic. Peter, who has been a regular visitor to Ashford Place for a few years now is making sure that our front and back gardens are tended to and well-watered especially during this very hot July and August. Peter says it gives him a good reason to get out of the house once a day, he doesn’t have to be near anybody (social distancing, and he chats to any passers-by who gives him the time of day.

And there’s  scientific evidence that shows how gardening and being in the garden will help to keep you well e.g. Gardens provide a place for experiencing nature which is proven to benefit mental health, cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. Gardening reduces depression, anxiety, obesity and heart disease as well as increasing life satisfaction, quality of life and sense of community. And of course passing by gardens that look well-tended is good for all of us. Thanks Peter.