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Irish Elders

Irish Elders Newsletter

All our Irish Elders have come such a long way since the beginning of lockdown. It hasn’t been an easy journey but everyone has shown great resilience.

I have been visiting some, dropping food to others, singing many songs and hearing great stories with different members of our Irish Elder group throughout lockdown. There continues to be social distanced chats at garden walls and some poetry recitals. I have seen some great art done by some of our Irish Elders which is really impressive. There is hidden talent amongst the community!

It’s been great to see some of our Irish Elders when they come to Ashford Place to collect their hot meals during the week. It’s great to be able to sit down and have a chat with them in the sunshine. As lockdown eases it will be great to see more of the Irish Elders face to face and have a good chat.

A constant message I am hearing from all our Elders is how much they appreciate how we keep in touch with them and how much they are looking forward to getting back to Ashford Place as soon as possible.  

Thankfully our GP services have been very co-operative in assisting us to get our clients telephone consultations very quickly.  Everyone continues to do really well and it shows the great strength of character we have in our Irish Elder community.

Everyone I speak to on the phone always asks how their friends are getting on and it is always great to be able to tell them that everyone is doing very well indeed!