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Leading Lady


This week our clients and staff had the honour of speaking with Ros Hubbard , the latest celeb in our In Conversation With……series. Zooming from her home in Dingle County Kerry, Ros spoke of her life in Ireland, America and London and all the famous people she has worked with over the years.  We enjoy these conversations as they bring a bit of much needed cheer to our clients and something different and of course it is much easier to do this online than expecting someone to turn up in Cricklewood for a chat. We were particularly interested to hear about Ros’s and her daughter Amy’s casting in Honour, a recent TV series  which was partly filmed in our very own centre last year.

Ros Hubbard is the legendary Irish casting director, who, together with her husband John, founded and has run Hubbard Casting since 1976. Born in Dublin she has worked and lived in London for almost forty years. Ros has extensively cast for Hollywood as well as the UK and Irish film and TV industry. Together with John they have cast films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, Evita, Angela’s Ashes, The Mummy, The Bourne Trilogy and The Da Vinci Code and many more.