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Looking after our environment


We were delighted to volunteer with Thames 21 at their recent Quainton Street Open Space to plant the edges of the pond as part of the Brent Rivers and Communities project. Activities included planting of Floating Sweet Grass, Water-plantain, Mint and Water buttercup. These projects are just the ticket for our clients and staff who have lots of fun, share their experiences of supporting a positive physical environment, and of course it is perfect for our health and wellbeing.

 Thames 21, a great example taking  positive action on our environment, is now working on their

‘Brent Riverside Connections project’, with a vision of a healthy river Brent, running through attractive green spaces which are well loved and valued by local people. The section of the river Brent between Wembley Park and the Welsh Harp is overgrown, neglected and flytipped. This project will revitalise the riverside walkway by cutting back dense vegetation to let more light in, and by removing invasive non-native species (INNS) and high fencing.