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Making memories, making connections


"A bonus to people from the Dementia Peer Support and Dementia Voices group learning to use video calls, is that they can share their stories, talk with friends and access services more easily, often learning to do so with us and with members of their family. The bonus for us is that we can keep up the social side of our activities while building skills. 

People talk about reminiscence and socialising being beneficial, but it's not just that, it's the variety of contact that we've all been missing, and joining Hubert for a call with the Museum of London was a chance to have free-ranging conversation, and remember how that fits into the personal and shared cultural landscape of London in the past and present.

Visit the Museum online...

... Ashford Place and Museum of London, as part of their Memories of London have partnered to offer fortnightly curated sessions that are interactive and online exclusively available for people living with dementia and their carers... 

As part of its long term initiatives Ashford Place quickly recognised with it's clients, the need to extend its resources through Accessible Technology... this has and continues to fill gaps in support, services and social engagement that come from living with dementia as well as caring for someone with complex health conditions ... beyond a pandemic"