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New normal – we are open!

We re-opened out centre this week and were very happy to welcome back our clients.  Most tell us that we were the only contact they had during lockdown and that they very much appreciated us staying in contact,  making ourselves available to help with many complex issues that arose and for the supply of home cooked meals. We have been very busy encouraging our clients to adjust to the new normal restrictions we have in place whilst ensuring they know they are very welcome back.   Our elderly clients and those in our mental health groups have felt the strain of Covid-19 restrictions most and the impact of that strain is palpable..  We will work hard to get everyone back up to the good mental health space they had achieved through engagement with us prior to lockdown.  We will be running more activities but groups will be smaller.  This will bring benefits as clients will experience a more personal service. We will continue to expand our services in community spaces throughout north west London and hope that restrictions will continue to ease.  In the meantime we will work hard to keep everyone safe and well and enjoy being together again.  Keep an eye on our website for our new activities timetable and get in touch if you know anyone who might benefit from our befriending and health and wellbeing activities  email