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A New Start for Matthew


You may remember in our previous newsletter we spoke about one of our Irish clients who had gone through major physical and emotional challenges over the past few months. While in lockdown “Matthew” unexpectedly discovered he had to undergo urgent triple bypass surgery.  His stress and anxiety were coupled with the fact that at the same time he faced the immediate threat of homelessness post surgery. Ashford Place worked very hard with Matthew, his medical team and Camden Council trying to ensure he did not end up on the streets, especially while recovering from heart surgery. After much communication with Camden Council, they did not manage to find Matthew a home in the end so Ashford Place stepped in and now, I can very happily report that Matthew spent his first night in his new home last night and is very happy, relieved and very grateful for all the support he has received from staff here at Ashford Place.  Matthew can now continue to make a steady recovery in his new, much more suitable home.

All of us face challenges from time to time in our lives and we here at Ashford Place are always willing and ready to help our clients through theirs.

Matthew wanted to share his thanks with us. In his recent text he said …

You’ve all been amazing with the help you have given me, not only through this but since lockdown. You are good people. Bless you all!


I think this the Irish proverb fits well to this story … ‘There is always sunshine after rain’.

We wish Matthew every luck and happiness in his new home!