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Baking Club Summer Break


Our Baking Club, which meets every Wednesday from 2 – 4pm is taking a break until September 7th.

At the last baking class the group made Apple Crumble, received certificates to congratulate them on their excellent baking skills. 

Baking club is not just about baking skills of getting a delicious bake to take home, it’s about relaxing and unwinding. Baking is an effective form of therapy that can help to aid relaxation and reduce stress. Baking has also been proven to help prevent and manage depression, and help to calm people living with dementia. Our group particularly helps combat loneliness with very strong friendships forged during each term.

Donation suggestion:  We need bun and muffin tins so if you have any in your cupboard that you do not need we would be delighted to take them or help fund this group by donating to support us.