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Befriending visits


We are adapting to the needs of our community in a post Covid world.

We find that many of our older community no longer wish to travel too far from home because of safety concerns on mobile transport, the uncertainty of timing on Dial-a-ride plus the rising costs of living.

To ensure that members of the community do not fall into the trap of social isolation and loneliness we are taking our Befriending and Fit + Well projects out into the community.

This week Jeri visited Clochar Court in Harlesden.  It is never just about the cuppa but through these mornings we find that there are still great needs for support with accessing services digitally, getting information on how to manage health needs, having an opportunity to do some seated gentle exercise and have a chat in a comfortable safe environment.

Next week Jeri will be at Avonhurst House in Willesden.