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Climate. We can change


This week we in partnership with Project 74A, commenced the first session of our Brent Climate Challenge by hosting a group of young people with lived experience. Located at the Silver Jubilee Park (charitable) Foundation - SJPF - Amandine, the project Lead started by sharing information on the issue which then led to a lively and animated conversation by these young people on their views and ambitions for the future. The Brent Climate Challenge is a year-long series of conversations with seldom heard communities and aims to raise awareness of COP26 and climate issues, and also develop individual and community actions by which it might be practically mitigated such as enhancing recycling for example.  It is not just talk though. Each session will use the arts (specifically music making, creative writing, and poetry) to raise climate issues, learn about them, devise solutions, and encourage others to participate.  The project will focus on   

  • Conversations to improve participants’ knowledge around a specific climate issue such as reducing waste. 
  • The creation of individual artistic works based around the climate issue discussed. 
  • Discussions by which communities or individuals might mitigate their impact on the environment.  
  • Follow up actions and support through an action group.    

The artistic items will be displayed on a website, and the project will create a Brent Climate Challenge Action Group which can lead on implementing community strategies and continuing to raise awareness of climate issues and encouraging individual action.     

Part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund Together for our planet programme.