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Clochar Court Coffee Morning


As we now move further into the year, we are focused on maintaining and developing services throughout the community. Ashford Place is a safe and welcoming place for people to maintain and form new friendships. It is very important to us that we ensure that everyone in the community who needs our help is aware of our services and understands that we are here if and when they need us. We don’t want anyone to feel isolated so please spread the word so everyone has the opportunity to take part and get involved in what we have to offer be that socialising or getting help with benefits, passports, pension renewals, accessing GP services etc.

We hosted a very enjoyable coffee morning in Clochar Court, Harlesden on 5th April. It was lovely to see some of the residents of Clochar Court and visitors from outside come together. Everyone enjoyed the tea and cakes Jeri brought along and they we look forward to hosting the next coffee morning very soon!

(pic of Margaret and Mollie with Jigsaw)