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Community health in Cricklewood


Ashford Place hosted a diabetes event this week in partnership with BHM – Brent Health Matters - 130 residents accessed a range of services including eye clinic, chiropody, BMI – Body Mass Index – blood sugar and urine testing, dietician, pharmacy, information on mental and physical health etc. This was an excellent example of partnership between statutory services such as Brent NHS and Brent Council and ourselves as community. We plan to have a series of these events throughout the year, and in the meantime continue with our own in-house diabetic programme where we are focusing on our underserved communities e.g. homelessness, BAME groups and others.   We are determined to work with our partners to reduce the worrying diabetes stats in Brent.   9.3% of Brent's residents suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that 17% of all deaths in Brent can be attributed to diabetes. A study from NHS England revealed that one in three people (33.2%) who have died in hospital in England following a diagnosis of Covid-19 also had diabetes.