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It was Fun First Friday and what a Fun Friday it was!!


Fun by name, Fun by nature!  We launched our very own ‘Fun First Friday’ last on March 4th and what a fun day it was!

The board games were out, the music was turned up and the dancing shoes were roaming the dance floor! Our clients had a great time from when they came into Ashford Place to when they were literally serenaded out the door 4pm!

On the first Friday of every month we will  hold our ‘Fun First Friday’  here in Ashford Place from 11am to 4pm. It is a time for our clients to come together to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, laugh, sing and dance together once again.

Everyone enjoyed playing board games, card games, a good session of ‘guess that tune’, hangman and many more games and activities with fun prizes to take home with them.

Our clients took a break and enjoyed the regular daily lunch service at 1pm. Following lunch it was time to get serious and eyes and ears were focused on the numbers called out for the weekly Bingo session and it certainly was a Full House!! We had some very lucky one line and full house winners who very happily took away some healthy cash prizes!

For those clients who stayed on after bingo, there was more fun and dancing and to wind down the very eventful day, some wowed us with their singing and how lovely it was to hear them sing their favourite songs. It showed us how at home they feel in Ashford Place when they feel comfortable enough to sit down in a group and sing their favourite songs by themselves.

We so look forward to hosting the next Fun First Friday Day on April 1st! If you are interested in coming along please do let us know. You are guaranteed a fun and eventful day and you may even win a prize or two!