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Jogging our memories and bodies


Memory Joggers is a programme designed to support people living with dementia and their carers to manage their lives as best as possible. A key part of this is to ensure that they have access to service providers and commissioners, and that they can co-produce services together. Another side to the programme focuses on keeping our minds and bodies active, a key to wellbeing. We test our intellect weekly via quizzes, games, music, chat, sharing memories etc. This week clients brought in some old photos of days gone by which led to a lovely session of reminiscing.  We played fun memory games and as always laughed lots.  To finish our session off we always do some gentle seated exercise and have a bit of a boogie to get us going for the rest of the week!  We also use the weekly catch up to discuss ideas for helping each other and indeed people living with dementia across the borough. We will take these ideas to people who make decisions about services and policy areas and lobby for positive change. New Members always welcome.   Contact Donna on 020 8208 8590 or