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Prevention is key


This week we were delighted to welcome Dr Abhishek Shastri, Consultant Psychiatrist at Brent Memory Services and his colleague Dr Charlotte Dinkel, Specialist Registrar, Brent Older Adults Service based at Fairfields House in Kingsbury. Members of our recently launched MCI – Mild Cognitive Impairment – group made up of both people experiencing MCI and unpaid carers had requested information and insights on how to minimise the risk of dementia. The group heard how diet, exercise, emotional wellbeing as well as regular health check-ups is an important way of minimising risk. All who attended were delighted to meet clinicians from the Memory Service as well as hearing their presentation, and the energetic conversation that followed. We hope to have many more of these sessions and are grateful to our colleagues at the Brent Memory Service for taking time to provide this important service.