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Thank you Lottie


We wished Lottie a fond farewell this week. Lottie worked in our Keep Well Winter Project team.  

Lottie did great work engaging people, with learning disabilities and learning difficulties, people living with dementia and complex mental health, in activities designed to encourage them to manage their health needs independently where possible.

Lottie’s green project and digital inclusion sessions were very popular and have delivered real change in the lives of people who have difficulty managing some aspects of their health independently.

We found that the digital inclusion work delivered immediate improvement in people’s lives enabling them to order prescriptions, check test results, make appointments on line using their own digital devices or using devices from our digital library.

Lottie’s resourcefulness and research skills together with her personable nature meant people engaging with the Keep Well Winter project were helped to access the resources they need rather than using GP or A&E services as their first port of call.