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Heroes of Cricklewood


We were delighted to see one our local residents nominated as a Cricklewood heroine as part of Barnet Town Centre Heroes exhibition, part of its Discover Barnet campaign. Marie Hancock, Chair of NW2 residents Association, long time member of the Cricklewood Town Team, local campaigner and action-woman for a welcoming, attractive and pleasant Cricklewood Broadway was quite rightly nominated recently for her tremendous work in making Cricklewood a better place for all of us. Marie is one of a number of people within the main town centres in Barnet  who have gone above and beyond to serve their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Town Team had nominated Marie for her public-spiritedness, and their portraits and stories have been captured by Humans of London and presented by Playne Design. Ashford Place has been a partner in the Town Team since its inception in 2010.