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Social Activities at AP


We have managed to stay open during most of the pandemic whilst following Covid-19 guidelines which has been a blessing for our clients, many of whom need social interaction and group support. There aren’t many community centres – or Wellbeing Places, as we say - left in Brent now which is a shame as they do provide a vital support system, an eco-system with people and groups looking out for each other. Many of our clients say they like to visit a welcoming and nurturing space that offers company and companionship along with being able to get help for any problems they may have. We aim to develop Ashford Place as a Wellness Destination Centre – a range of hospitality, social and learning activities and specialist support all under one roof in a fully accessible building. Now, with support from Brent NCIL funding and others we are adding on more covered space as places for our clients to meet up.  The next time we will tell you more about what goes on at Ashford Place and the impact on the lives of our clients. We are grateful to our funders but of course we need more to cover the cost of our varied services and costs of maintaining a top-class community centre.