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[VIDEO] Ben Bailey Smith aka Doc Brown

I’m a proud patron of this homelessness charity in Cricklewood, very close to where I grew up. The level of empathy, lack of judgement and extent of support in this place is astonishing and so admirable in an era of cynicism and selfishness. – Ben Bailey Smith


We’re proud to have Ben Bailey Smith – i.e Doc Brown – join Ashford Place as one of our patrons. 

Ben is from the NW area. He has trodden the same streets, been to the same schools, and worked in the same environments as those who access Ashford Place. We felt that he was the ideal person to become a patron due to his intense ability to connect with our clients. 

When he visited recently, he demonstrated just that, sitting down with our homeless clients, getting to know them and their listening to their stories for several hours. 

Here is our full video with Ben, which follows his visit at our services.