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Free information workshop for the community

05 Jun 2017
How to get there: 
60 Ashford Road, NW2 6TU

Community Action on Dementia - Brent which aims to make the Borough of Brent Dementia friendly is holding a free information workshop for the community on: 

Monday the 5th June 10-12 pm at Ashford Place | 60 Ashford Road | Cricklewood | NW2 6TU 

Martin Slevin: Author of The Little Girl in the Radiator will be speaking at the event where Dr. Mary Tilki - Irish in Britain, will also be presenting important information on What is Dementia? 

This event is an open invite to everyone on the local community.

The Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum Alzheimers and Me 
"Martin Slevin's mum is an active and fiercely independent woman who runs her own business and brooks no nonsense from Martin and his father. But when her husband dies everything crumbles, and she becomes listless and forgetful. Eventually, she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and Martin puts his own life on hold to care for her. Together, they embark on a long journey through dementia. The destination is never in doubt -- but it's a comical and unpredictable ride, as she watches TV with a frozen goose, holds sing-songs with an imaginary Irish band and insists on pinning all of Martin's socks to the wall. And all the time, a question nags away at him: just who is the little girl in the radiator, with whom his mum has urgent, whispered conversations each day?

CAD-Brent, an original idea by Irish in Britain.

For participants who like to stay, lunch is available in our 5 star food hygiene rated community cafe for £3 at 1pm.

Phone 020 8208 8590 or email [email protected] for more information