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Members of Brent Thrive host Member of Parliament Dawn Butler


Brent Thrive was delighted to welcome Dawn Butler to our fortnightly community meeting this week. She liked us so much she promised to return! 

It was a soulful and warm meeting where people felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable in sharing their experiences. There was passionate conversation around living with mental health difficulties and access to services in Brent. Our community is made up of people from many groups including Mencap Disability Rights and Politics; Ashford Place Wellbeing; Brent Black Thrive; Mentoring Project and B3-together.  

Brent Thrive is in a unique position due to our collective lived experience and commitment to building a community. One member said: 

'we bring a wealth of knowledge with regards to what does and doesn’t work well in our community; we are an untapped resource and we want to share ideas and pool resources in a creative way with mental health organisations.'

Brent Thrive and Ashford Place welcome Dawn’s support in kickstarting mental health services. In response to people's concerns, Dawn invited us to draw up a manifesto detailing reoccurring problems, which she will bring in front of lead council members and commissioners.

Brent Thrive is a mental health community action project formed to rethink the conversation around mental health and implement change. Membership is open to anyone who lives in Brent who has a lived experience of mental health difficulties.