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Rising voices


The launch of Brent Thrive last week was the latest in our programme of supporting minority voices. Our clients tell us about their concern regarding the appropriateness of support services, the lack of customised support and the bureaucratic barriers to support in the first place, and this applies across the board e.g. statutory, voluntary sector and other providers and we at Ashford Place have had to consider this as well.  This is why we are supporting people with lived experience of mental health difficulties to develop Brent Thrive.  In the last few years we have been supporting our clients living with dementia to voice their views and recommendations via Dementia Voices.

We are all recipients of some kind of health and welfare service and we would all probably agree that we should be front and centre of any health/welfare response to our needs. We don’t want to be passive recipients. Listening to clients will help to shape and improve appropriate services.