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Wellbeing, digitally


A few months ago, we reported on our Brent Health Matters - BHM – funded Brent Mental Health website project. Brent Thrive members have been busy working with Time to Spare, our digital partner to build the website, and much of our time since then has been used to consult with people with lived experience and our partner agencies on what the site should look like and do. The project will be very much a co-production effort as we recognise that people with lived experience are best placed to design a product that is easily accessible to everyone, is written in plain English and other Brent languages, and is a support when anyone needs information, advice, and support.

We view the project as a key service enabling positive wellbeing, an understanding of mental health, a place where anyone can positively and creatively influence the future of this resource, and something for any resident to turn to when they need information or help.