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Please call or email us:

To book an appointment or make an enquiry by email: 


Telephone us on: 020 8208 8590 and choose from the available options. Leave a message and we will call you back.

  • General - option 1
  • Crisis Advice - option 2
  • Housing - option 3
  • Mental Health Projects - option 4
  • Dementia Projects - option 5
  • Finance - option 6

Our duty phone number is 07398 741 662 – we will take a message and get someone to call you back.

Crisis Clinic telephone advice 07459 710 700 

We can provide support around:

  • Benefits applications
  • Dealing with sanctions and benefit disputes
  • Managing debt and arrears
  • Advice on housing and homelessness
  • Accessing our in-house drug and alcohol support
  • Accessing our mental health support programme
  • Support using Universal Jobmatch and finding work
  • Accessing onsite expert legal advice from Brent Law Centre

For assistance regarding street homelessness, contact Streetlink 030 0500 0914 or visit their website.

Please also keep an eye on our website and social media for updates. 

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Danny Maher