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Befriending Programme

Our befriending project at Ashford Place offers to:
  • Connect with the older members of our community who may have found themselves gradually feeling lonely or more isolated over time, and give them a chance to re-engage and re-enter an active and caring community.
  • Give our clients who use our befriending service the opportunity to take part in one or more of our regular groups or activities held onsite.
  • Accompany any new or returning older client to Ashford Place and its activities until a time when they feel established and confident enough to attend their chosen activity by themselves.

Our befriending service also extends itself and reaches out to the isolated members of the community who have been referred to us but are unable to attend Ashford Place in person due to illness, hospitalisation, move to residential care or any other reason. We engage with many of these clients by regular befriending telephone calls or door step visits to ensure they always know there is someone there to talk to. 

If you know anyone who is feeling lonely or isolated please get in touch.

If you or someone you know would like to become a befriending volunteer please get click here.

Click here to download leaflet.



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