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Since coming here I am feeling much more confident and happier

Over thirty people turned up to meet the commissioner and express their passionate and heart-felt views as the Ashford Place Wellbeing Activities and Mentoring and Befriending Project is under threat of closure .

Sarah is a Brent CCG commissioner (funder) for both the Mentoring Project and Wellbeing Activities run here at Ashford Place. There is a distinct possibility that funding for both of these essential projects will end in December.  

The group was made up of volunteer mentors/mentees, befrienders/befriendees and people who use the wellbeing activities: everyone spoke movingly of the profound difference and impact our services is having on their lives. It was hard not to be moved as people shared difficult experiences of feeling alone and abandoned by services before they came to Ashford Place.  People shared their very real fears for their mental health and quality of life if our services were no longer available. There was a palpable air of outrage as people spoke about their experiences of more and more cuts to mental health services despite the messages in mainstream media.  Sarah listened to people’s concerns and promised to return within the month to work with us to see if we can find a solution.

Thank you to everyone who attended, your passion is an inspiration to us all.